Uncle Pat’s General Store

Uncle Pat’s General Store offers a variety of extraordinary Adirondack farm products produced on the Imbimbo Family Farm located in the Southern Adirondack Mountains in the Great Northern New York Territory. Our main products are Maple Syrup, Raw Honey, and Hand-Made Artisan Soaps.

The Imbimbo Family Farm is family owned and operated. Each Family member produces a different product line, but we work as a team to help each other get the job done sharing the resources of the family. We all live and share 101 acres in Washington County New York.

The property has been farmed since the early 1800s and sometime before 1900 the property was clear cut. The re-growth produced a rich Maple Sugar Bush. Approximately 2500 maple tress are tapped every season to produce the pure maple syrup.

There are two honeybee apiaries on the farm and two apiaries on neighboring farms with over 80 colonies of honeybees. Our farm is surrounded by rich pastures and meadows which contribute to the extraordinary flavor of the honey we harvest with the help of our resident honeybees. We produce our own local Queen Bees which are offered to local beekeepers from time to time.

Our handmade soaps are made in small batches only using the highest quality natural materials. Our soaps are detergent and harsh chemical free. We make sure that our soap ingredients never contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and are never tested on animals. Our soaps are hand poured to ensure maximum quality.

The Farm has a complete wood working and blacksmith shop. During the deep North Country winters we like to spend time in the heated shop. The items we produce are offered at local craft shops and in our General Store.


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