Welcome to Farm To Table market website

Why did we create a Farm To Table NY market website? If you are like us, you love nothing better than enjoying amazing fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce, jams, jellies and home baked pies just like grandma used to make!

It’s no surprise that New York farmers markets offer the highest quality apples, sweet corn, potatoes and tomatoes, along with everything else! In 2014 there were 35,537 farms in New York State and 7,183,576 acres of farmland. New York State has vast farmlands, rolling hills, endless freshwater lakes and rivers, and energetic, innovative producers who value their way of life.

New York is in the top five states for production in several agricultural categories. A few of them include:

New York’s National Ranking in 2016*

  • 1st:  yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream
  • 2nd: apples, snap peas, maple syrup
  • 3rd: dairy cows, milk production, grapes, cabbage, and total Italian cheese
  • 4th: corn silage and total cheese
  • 5th: tart cherries, calves

Just as important as the goods being offered is the upbeat atmosphere that farmers markets generate. From the smallest markets to the most expansive and vibrant urban locations, there is just something about browsing and enjoying the sights and smells of a farmers market that makes buyers and sellers smile.

No matter where you are located in NY state, we hope you will check out our Farm To Table NY market website! Our goal is to grow our reach and connect farmers, vendors, and buyers!

*According to the NY Farm Bureau