Washington County NY Farm Store

There are a LOT of successful dairy farms and in New York State. Like many NY farmers, the Randles farm  had been in operation since 1860. The Argyle Cheese Farmers story is one of family, farm, hard work and a drive for excellence.

Their efforts at promoting their products at home, at local businesses, restaurants and at farmers markets regionally and in New York City earned them a loyal and vocal following. Fast forward to 2020, and they moved to a separate processing facility and store in Hudson Falls, NY.

Argyle Cheese Store Hudson Falls

We stopped in recently to check it out. Marge Randles was “in the house”. She is a warm, no-nonsense person with an air of confidence about her that is kind of what you would expect from someone who is focused and purposeful in her work.

The Argyle Cheese Farm Store In Hudson Falls

This is a really cool operation.

The Randles’ farm store is spotless, organized, and offers a lot of information on local and regional diary and agriculture. Their desire to educate speaks to their commitment to NY agriculture and dairy farms. You  can check out the processing plant to learn more about how they do what they do!

Dairy education

When you visit the farm store, and see what they are actually doing here, it’s amazing!

Pasturizing at Hudson Falls

Ready-Made Meals

Their products include a whole selection of their farm-made dairy goods, from cheeses, curds, regular and Greek yogurts, even delicious yogurt smoothies, buttermilk, cheese spreads and more.

Farmers work ridiculous hours, dawn to dusk and beyond. Maybe that’s why the Randles have a line of delicious pre-made dinners available for ‘take out’! Mmmmm… Home cooked without having to cook at home.  Doesn’t get better than that!

Gifts & Goodies

There are delicious products available from other local and regional producers. You can even score some Argyle Cheese Farmers swag on your visit!

to go cups at Argyle Cheese Farmers store

Canvas bags at Argyle Cheese Farmsers

Visit The Argyle Cheese Farmers Store

The Argyle Cheese Farmers processing plant and farm store is centrally located in Hudson Falls, Washington County NY.  In addition to the farm store, you can find their products in a number of local stores and supermarkets. Bring some home today, and support a local dairy farmer!

Sample products from Argyle Cheese Farmers

Argyle Cheese Farm Store FAQ:

Argyle Cheese Farm
2358 Burgoyne Ave, Hudson Falls, NY 12839
(518) 502-1592

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